Actress Stormi Maya

Stormi Maya @stormimaya is a force not to be reckoned with! With so many talents, accomplishing so many things, time is not an excuse in her books. This amazing behind the scenes video by Madelyn Rivera @vdverasor does not even touch the greatness arriving soon to print! Makeup by Marvin Speight @marvelluxe_makeup

We love fros and we love how confidently she wears it everyday. Its more then a hair style, its a symbol in the african culture that we hope many grow to be comfortable with, especially if its their own natural hair texture, although there are many stigmas in many communities across the United States. D O L O R encourages everyone to BE YOU! No one can be a better you then you! The universe depends on you to be yourself and introduce the beautiful being you were always meant to be. To create balance you matter!

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