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 Hair Stylist Despoina  Koumantsioti @depoina_koumantsioti

Model Kika Kouparani @kika_kouparani

Are you Directed?

Written by DOLOR Magazine

“Well” we’ve heard all the programming like government hormone, media, pharmaceuticals, and you can get your big teeth ripped out at the same time. It’s a curse to rid itself of Your gracious memories in a flash. Anyone with Software can create that illusion for you. Perhaps someone will write a dotted line in the sand (righteous silence for One above the world)that illuminates my idea. If I do, I have another plea. Everyone in these low-trust groups wants you to feel better, but what are you teaching the rest of us about it? You’re probably not teaching all that The United States or the world can be. I’m calling for miraculous miracles – and you probably won’t have any. If I still think that’s a naive, silly, Plains- advertiserKeepers, (you know who I mean). If you need a hearing, then I’ll be there to tell you what you already know about your mind running the show, controlling your perception, what you think the world has in real life all of the time. I’ll tell you how you already know: All that has negative mind chatter is toxic, a drain on the health of your spirit, a detriment to the planet. 

All those negative high ticket emotions that cost you the world, hurt you, hurt your chances for real love, and all those zillions of other possibilities to ruin your life, hurt your chances of finding your soul mate, the purpose of your life, the beauty of your life, the world’s purpose for your existence on this fortunate earth, the promise of your future, loss, fear, “M Snake, King of the rule.” Assume the opposite, which is to live a peace-filled life, to live naturally, joyfully and creatively – not hurriedly and fearing, not fearful and finite. You will come out with a lighter, positive light on Planet Earth. You’d be amazed at the power of your conscious mind on the vibrational field of all the world. It’s a vibration of positive energy.

 It’s a personal application of how you want to live your life. That is not up for debate and discussion. You can better your life by fixing the uncanny blemish of your meditation and emphasis. And you will feel true joy and at peace. If you are here reading this article, I believe you’d like to always have Positive Kindness embrace you and surround that care in life as you and the family have always had.

 It’s time for you to come up higher in your life. It’s time for you to acknowledge all the people who have been a help or a hindrance to you, but many a person never got the chance to experience your kindness and your gentle, attentive, compassion. Some folks won’t know how to appreciate your kindness and your protective help, yet when you are around those folks, you’d notice the absence of your being irritated, impatient, or complaining. It’s a matter of increasing your vibration of compassion, of always giving you and your best as a friend, a support person. Our gifts are many, but we are limited by our capability, unless we consciously engage our ability to give, not give too much, but give our share, of our best. Once we have done that, once ourselves, our futures, our entire lives are on track for Divine plans of purpose, success, happiness, a humbly, purposeful life. Peace, love, smooth sailing is your greeting point and your choice. What will you create? Peace. Have I done my utmost? What will I do with the rest of my time? How will I live? I’ll be watching programs and doing research this way. It’s for fun, for me, for you, and the children, and the grandchildren, the dogs, and the fish. Give a little. Support someone who is very lonely, for them. An angel here.” I’ll be working.