Azyan Syazwani Rozik

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In the energy of love, you see beauty everywhere, you will meet people of like vibration with like perception. If you remember love, you will also remember the power of love and your ability to produce one.

Empty the mind and the thoughts, and completely enjoy the silence. There is no such thing as aPersonality or a Chapter of life -it is merely a way for you to perform personal choreography. Allow the rhythm and the universal flow of forces projected into the universe and you will be amazed at how easily the world opens before you. “fortable” protection is for the weak, fear and hatred is for the insane and lack of vision and passion is for the overly conditioned. A way forward in life is seeing the world with your own eyes, perception and understanding

Our life is being dictated by circumstances and opportunities. I, along with some of the other positive thinkers I counsel with, say to you that “nothing is under your control other than how you think and live.” Let it all go and what you best say is the way the Universe is moving your life along. As wise beings. I know joy, I know love and I know Life. I feel the presence of Love, Wisdom and surprised Gratitude all around me. For love is a creative force, of the highest order. As the great artists might say. It is essential that we stop and to reflect and to take note and to analyse our own life so that we can rewrite our own version.

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