The brand Klosetslayer has worked with multiple celebrities including fashion bomb daily creator Claire Sulmers, Rich Dollaz  and Mariah Lynn From love and hip-hop New York , Philadelphia actor and wrap or black Dinero , Puma from black ink New York and multiple other celebrities…Klosetslayer  is a unisex clothing brand That offers widespread appeal for all Creating individuality and self expression with no boundaries The website is  And we’re on all social media platforms

We love this motivating message from KlosetSlayer!

“We work hard to create styles that will be bold for any and everyone.  Labels are not accepted here, unless they are the ones on your clothing.  Our goal is to make sure everyone feels like a Slayer in our clothes.  Which is why we search around to find fabrics and prints that are unique. I design what I wish existed and could never be found.  I have complete trust in my craft and each day I breathe it, study it and find ways to perfect it.
When you are your most authentic self and put that into designing the competition is completely irrelevant.​”

All photos are by : Curtis Taitt

Stylist : Marcia Arnsparger Santiago 

Models : Elona Hope , Sani Nicole , Seng Bethea ,Aisha McMillion , Sonel Normil , Sharon Townsend, Cecilio Perez, Edward Drawn ,Andres Castro Designer: Klosetslayer