Dolor Magazine Volume VIII featuring Anhelina Miadzvetskaya, Danila Karatkevich, Ангелина Медведская, Michael Briscoe, M Renay, Sushant Shrivastav, $pacely, Melody Jacobs, Bia Sousa, Rafael Barros, Josh Sisly, Teddy, Bonsu, Sylvester Darku, Natasha Nortey, Neo Rioux, Anna Avilova, Novidi, Madelyn Rivera, Jackline Addis Ababa.


D O L O R is an independent international underground fashion editorial magazine that specializes in featuring Photographers, Make-up artist, Hair stylist, Fashion designers and Wardrobe Stylist who bring forth a poetic visual not often accepted in society. We want to bring artists closer together to create, making sure they have a chance to show what they are made of without the bias of how popular they are on social media or within the industry – if the work is speaks volume, we want to see it!

Creative Beyond House | Rotterdam, Netherlands

Creative Beyond House | Moscow, Russia Female Model: Ana Aviao newgenerationmodelmanagement IG: anailianaaviao | Makeup Artist: Morena Stuger IG: morenalouisa_ Photographer: Hildeleen Stüger – Creative Beyond House IG: creativebeyondhouse WB: http://www.creativebeyondhouse.com Wardrobe Stylist: Stefanie Miidorie IG: miidorie Previous Next We truly hope you enjoyed this feature. please take the time to follow us and repost …

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Marz Enterprise | Baltimore, Maryland

Marz Enterprise | Baltimore, Maryland Make Up Artist: Bianka Manderson IG: beautybybb_ WB: bewispy.com Model: Victoria Folusewa @MarzEnterprise IG: folusewa Model: Leah Nesmith @MarzEnterprise  IG: leahnesmith_ Photographer: Anthony Paige IG: lensandplate WB: apsnaps.com Hair Stylist: Ajee Hassan IG: diversemethodolgy Agency: Marz Enterprise IG: marzenterprise Producer: Jasmine C Green IG: theoriginaljcg Creative Director: Deandra B.  IG: houseofcynrinne Previous …

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Shvets Production | Moscow

Shvets Production| Moscow, Russia Photographer – Anna Shvets IG : sh.vets  WB : shvetsproduction.com | Producer – shoka productions mashashoka models –  IG: mz_zoeey | A_wasd | tvoyaa_sashaa | yun_da_ra | 21tanyaa Previous Next We truly hope you enjoyed this feature. please take the time to follow us and repost with tags! Thanks your support …

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Joseph Boonkaewnaree x Kylen

Boonmeemagert Kaewnaree X Kylen Follow the creators @kylengram  @boonkaewnaree When we constantly see the same surroundings, like a student reading for hours, we change the way we view them. Things may get blurry.Anyone can attest that giving your eyes breathing room can dramatically change how much information you resonate with or retain.  we think everyone …

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