This here is the beautiful Chai Lee from Birmingham, England. Graduated with a bachelor in Fashion Design and now the Founder of the brand – Chai London! 
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Chai Lee in her pop up shop

The growth of her brand has been a continuous learning curve. After overcoming bad samples from manufacturers where her designs were not being executed the way envisioned, she built a network of freelancers whom she could work closely with to adhere to the brand’s quality and core design elements.
From making bespoke prom gowns to debuting during Menswear Fashion Week at The Gansevoort, Meatpacking, after moving to the USA, the difference between the fashion markets in the states and the UK drove her to create for the menswear industry. With more men becoming fashion conscious, they shop less frequently than women, but with thoughtful consideration.

Based in New York City, the capital of diversity and staple energy of fashion worldwide. Chai London has created numerous local job opportunities for aspiring models and photographers to artists and stylists. Chai Lee enjoys collaborating with other creatives and offering platforms for them to evolve. She often gives back to the community by orchestrated based pop up events and via donations of excess inventory! We truly look forward to following her travels worldwide and we can not wait to see pop up events to showcase her brand to a wider audience. We are sure with the platform she’s created, she will gravitate towards the right people and she will create magnificent, fruitful statement pieces that will allow her cup to run over. 
Cheers because this is just the beginning!