This mythologic fashion film was put together smoothly I loved the different angles and perspective and how the cuts bring in the subject! Lora-D really did magnificent creating this concept and Angelo was amazing at capturing the story. I really loved the teased hair, it added character to the horns, and how the hair was never in the subjects face.  Beautiful! We need a part 2 !

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Photography & film: Angelo Evans @angelo_evans 
Creative Direction : Lora-D @lora_dimoglou
Models: Emiliya P. Boeva, Manos Pirgiotakis, Emine Yesir, Vagelis Mavraganis, Kirsten Ciel Lauder @kirstenciel , Mikaela Kourkoula, Diana Chemeris, Alicja Troushi

Make Up Artist: 
Petros Zymper , Mara Mos , Georgia Bekiari
Hairstyling: Vicky Tsafara 
Designer – Styling: Lora-D
Special thanks to ”Traditional instruments Nikos Xilouris”
Manolis Staikos for the concession of the horns 
and Dimitris Christodoulou for the mounting-construction of the horns

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