Dolor Magazine Volume Vii featuring Anouk Strijbos fotografie, Bianka Manderson, Rowland Emelike, Jamie Rivera, Orlando Ramos, Anna Shvets,  Melise Douglas, Masha Shoka, Hildeleen Stüger, Anthony Paige, David Rodriguez,  Jackson David, Menyaylo Tatyana, Bettien Sarpong, Marcella Oleman, Decorus Vagary, Annelijn Suijkerbuijk, Makililo Nelson A, Amina Ahmed, Seeun Kim, Nazaret Rodriguez, Noelia Gonzalez, Brandan Saviour, Victoria Folusewa, Leah Nesmith, Ajee Hassan, Jasmine C Green, Marz Enterprise, Daria Shaburova, Maria Kolos, Stefanie Miidorie, Ana Aviao, Morena Stuger, Stefanie Miidorie, Zoe Anto.

Holly Lavelle

The creators! All support is well deserved and appreciated! 

Photography & art direction by @hollylavelle
Set Design @willbutterfield @imi_gash
Makeup @nectaroon
Hair @rredmakeup
Collections @hanni_g_ & @joycraig
Models @emerlywye @jaydon.harvey !!!

We want to begin by saying this collection is excellent! We admire the color choice in garments, gravity-defying full shoulder pads & the ethereal, voluminous princess-like bell bottoms are a cup of tea. Location is beautiful;
the shot crops, angles, and the lighting were not detracting at all. I love the range of makeup choices and the build-up during the shoot. Everything worked together like hydrogen and two oxygen molecules. Kudos!