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Attracting a member of the opposite sex and asking him out on a date has always been one of the most thrilling adventures of a woman’s life – but only if she knows how to do it. How to get him to ask me out? Not knowing how to play the cards to win is equivalent to wall climbing, while some miserable beginners could reach up to her fingertips and lightly touch her chin to inform him she wants to go out. So quit wondering and learn how to play by the rules: 

Be approachable. Sparkling eyes, smiling faces, and tilting of heads are the ways to get a guy to notice you. These flaunting signals will enamor any guy, and he’ll surely ask you out for a date. Be extremely confident of being better than the rest.

 It will be hard for him not to ask you out once you pit yourself against the rest of the room. Never be captured at the moment, for you might realize that you’re in the middle of becoming popular with everyone when all in the deepest dilapidation will not give a single guy a single look. 

Love yourself and adore flirting. It doesn’t pay to empty yourself of assets. Show your best side and emphasize your support, and you’ll soon have him wanting you. Or better yet, if he noticed your best assets but seems to ignore your best side, then make sure of attracting him with your best side. You will find more points to scoring a date in attracting him once he realizes how self-assured you are.

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