Lisanne van de Nieuwe Giessen x Lisanne Jager Photography

Model  : Lisanne van de Nieuwe Giessen @Lisanne.vandeNieuweGiessen
Photography : Lisanne Jager @lisannejagerphotography
Makeup artist : Chitra Vijay @jaslinbeauty

Photography is such an amazing thing, because you can never recreate the images exact moment. You can use the same clothes, cart, model, and even a fan to recreate the wind, but the only thing that can never be redone is the connection between that photographer and model at that exact time. There will be none like it, which is why sometimes recapturing a pose even at that exact same shoot is so hard. These images were moments that you can never recreate! One of a kind wind blowing, chemistry flowing all together in sync like music in an orchestra. Well done all involved, D O L O R most definitely enjoyed this masterpiece!

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