Dolor Magazine Volume VIII featuring Anhelina Miadzvetskaya, Danila Karatkevich, Ангелина Медведская, Michael Briscoe, M Renay, Sushant Shrivastav, $pacely, Melody Jacobs, Bia Sousa, Rafael Barros, Josh Sisly, Teddy, Bonsu, Sylvester Darku, Natasha Nortey, Neo Rioux, Anna Avilova, Novidi, Madelyn Rivera, Jackline Addis Ababa.

Stress Management 7-day Program

They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The same goes when you start tearing your hair out with all the frustration, grief, anxiety, and yes, stress. It’s a state of mental conditioning that is like taking that bitter pill down your throat, causing you to lose your sense of self, and worse your sanity. Just thinking about it can drive anyone off the edge.

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Possible in impossible

The term impossible is the most common obstacle in defining goals. Most individuals get stuck thinking, “I can’t do this.” It’s too complicated. It’s simply not doable. This is impossible.
If everyone believed that, there would be no inventions, advancements, or breakthroughs in human achievement.

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Dziana Hasanbekava

Dziana Hasanbekava | Seattle Follow the creator @jahdevochka We truly hope you enjoyed this feature. please take the time to follow us and repost with

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Noclarayesfilm x zashalauwhite


NOCLARAYES film Follow the creators Clara MAcGregor @noclarayesfilm Sasha Lau-white @zashalauwhite location Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens, Brisbane, Australia  Previous Next We truly hope you enjoyed

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Azyan Syazwani Rozik Follow the creator @azyn_ In the energy of love, you see beauty everywhere, you will meet people of like vibration with like

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Joseph Boonkaewnaree x Kylen

Boonmeemagert Kaewnaree X Kylen Follow the creators @kylengram  @boonkaewnaree When we constantly see the same surroundings, like a student reading for hours, we change the

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Kloset Slayer

Kloset Slayer Follow the creators @klosetslayer  @vdverasor @xtianakipaige @bythechelsea Natural Men Magnet Attracting a member of the opposite sex and asking him out on a

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Garçon Sauvage

Garcon Sauvage Follow the creators A multitude of spectacular imagery for @garconsauvage_ campaign!! Follow this team now! ? @itsjustsimos ? @argirisrenieris ? @gkechagias ? @hercules0

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marta bevacqua

Marta Bevacqua X Ludivine Follow the creators @martabevacqua @meylo0 @madamebrosse @ludivineaubin This was too sweet not to feature. Ludivine is gorgeous naturally! These shots could

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Yanace Yan

Yanace Yan Please follow all involved in this amazing production. Brand Yanace Yan @design.yanace Photographer Romon Yang @roms.jpg Hair @twist_by_jasper Makeup by Jessica @jessicaliuliuliu Models Juliette

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