Dolor Magazine Volume Vii featuring Anouk Strijbos fotografie, Bianka Manderson, Rowland Emelike, Jamie Rivera, Orlando Ramos, Anna Shvets,  Melise Douglas, Masha Shoka, Hildeleen Stüger, Anthony Paige, David Rodriguez,  Jackson David, Menyaylo Tatyana, Bettien Sarpong, Marcella Oleman, Decorus Vagary, Annelijn Suijkerbuijk, Makililo Nelson A, Amina Ahmed, Seeun Kim, Nazaret Rodriguez, Noelia Gonzalez, Brandan Saviour, Victoria Folusewa, Leah Nesmith, Ajee Hassan, Jasmine C Green, Marz Enterprise, Daria Shaburova, Maria Kolos, Stefanie Miidorie, Ana Aviao, Morena Stuger, Stefanie Miidorie, Zoe Anto.

Romy photographer in Guadeloupe

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We were so please when Romy began tagging us. Her work is definitely timeless and speaks volumes. You can see that the chemistry between her and her subjects are a unique representation of her work and we truly enjoy the rawness.

Her work is stupendous all around! I’m sure one of her biggest challenges is whether the finished piece will be black and white or color! The funny thing about black and white is since we see the world in color, 

viewing monochrome allows us to distance the subject matter from reality and actually pause to look closely. Not all black and whites are equal I’m sure you’ll find out which is why I had to mention his greatness! 

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